Nous donnons régulièrement des webinaires où à chaque fois un sujet lié à nos tableaux de bord de blanchisserie est discuté. De l'explication sur les performances à l'explication sur les analyses et les versions. Es tu intéressé? Alors inscrivez-vous rapidement à l'un de nos webinaires.

Intelligent Indicators - Part 1

25/05/2021 - 12:00 CET Employees, supervisors, managers: you can give anyone access to relevant information in Laundry Dashboard. A tool that anyone is able to use.


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How profitable is a customer for your laundry, and which orders cost you money?

You have long-term relationships. Contracts that guarantee turnover. Customers you cherish. But how much do they really earn you? And which orders cost you money?

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Data analysis in detail

Laundry Dashboard combines all data from measurements and other systems into unique information. Learn how to analyse (raw) data on a detailed level.

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How do you minimise your ecological footprint? Analysing and controlling with LDB.

Of course, you know how much your facility uses in terms of gas, water, and electricity. But where does usage peak or drop?

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Unlocking hidden potential. Analysing machine performance.

Your machines are running at full speed and the capacity is fully utilized. Are you sure? At what moments do the machines cause delays?

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Explanation how to use new features. Release november 2020.

In this webinar you learned how you can use the new functionalities that LDB has developed for the optimization of your laundry.

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Unlocking hidden potential. Analysing labour performance.

You have good machines and motivated people. You know what they can manage. But when does the process cause delay or even a standstill?

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Building your own cockpit in Laundry Dashboard.

How do you gain insight into your processes? How do you unlock hidden potential? How do you ensure that you and your team work more efficiently today than yesterday?

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Laundry Dashboard: 'The difference between machine performance and labour performance'

How can you use data and IoT to deploy the available resources in a responsible and sustainable way? Some functionalities are explained that allow you to work more efficiently.

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