CHMS (Coburger Handtuch & Matten Service)

Up to 5% performance increase
in the first month

CHMS (Coburger Handtuch & Matten Service), based in Rödental (Germany), processes towel rolls and mats for customers within a radius of around 150 kilometres. They also supply laundries as resellers in Germany and the Benelux countries. CHMS was founded in 1954 and is now managed by the third generation.

The challenge

CHMS wanted to visualise downtime, batch changeover time and idle time, particularly in the mangle area, in order to increase overall productivity without adding extra working hours. At the same time, they wanted to measure productivity per workstation so that employees could assess their own performance.

The solution

The solution was found in the Laundry Dashboard system. The towel roll unwinding machines and ironers were connected and a total of three Laundry Dashboard Stations were installed. At the Laundry Dashboard Stations, staff can log into their workstations and receive real-time feedback on their performance via the overview screen. This gives both management and staff an insight into the efficiency of the laundry. It has a motivational effect on production staff. They gain insight into their daily work and their own performance. Management can use the data to identify ‘bottlenecks’ in the process.

The result

According to the customer, the first measured results show an increase in performance of up to 5%. CHMS will work on improving this even further. In the second month after the Laundry Dashboard went live, the first employees received a bonus for good performance. Fabian Krause: “Laundry Dashboard gives us a better overview of how much capacity we currently have and which orders can be accepted at what volume without overburdening employees and the internal organisation. We can also react more quickly if a problem arises in the laundry that leads to a backlog. Laundry Dashboard then automatically sends an alarm message.

Thanks to Laundry Dashboard, we have a better understanding of how much capacity we currently have and how much we will need next year.

Fabian Krause - CHMS