Stangelmayer GmbH chooses
Laundry Dashboard

Stangelmayer GmbH has purchased Laundry Dashboard for their flatwork department. The project started last month. Laundry Dashboard is currently preparing the implementation of the system together with the customer. This includes hardware engineering, realisation of software interfaces and setting up the Laundry Dashboard software.

Stangelmayer GmbH is based in Kolbermoor, Germany. The laundry was founded in 1965. The laundry is specialised in renting textiles to hotels and healthcare. They also supply and wash workwear. The company has two locations in Germany and processes 80 tonnes of laundry per day.

The laundry will use Laundry Dashboard to measure and visualise employee performance. It will then pay employees an additional bonus based upon objectively measured performance.

Laundry Dashboard also collects data from the machines. The data is used, for example, to display machine status in real time. This makes it easy to see if a machine is down, not performing optimally or not reaching the desired capacity. As the data accumulates, it can be used to support future (strategic) decisions. For example, it makes it easier to determine whether or not the machines are able to handle an additional order from a (new) customer in terms of capacity.