Installation Göddecke

We recently commissioned a Laundry Dashboard installation at one of our customers.

Laundry Dashboard Premium

We have had a kick-off of a new Laundry Dashboard Premium project at a new customer in Germany.

Upgrade LDB

Recently Lavans decided to upgrade the current Laundry Dashboard installation to the newest technology.

New customer

Last August we have commissioned Laundry Dashboard at our new customer Busch Textilservice GmbH & Co. KG in Germany.

The future of laundry

Product consultant LDB interviewed as part of Data2Move project

TSA Energy Management Seminar

About the specific features of Laundry Dashboard that enable laundries to get a better grip on their energy performance in particular, and thus also save energy costs.

Meters off? Production down!

At one of our customers the screens went black last week because of the transition from Laundry Dashboard 1.0 to 2.0.